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Thank you Tumblr, for ignoring actual issues so that you can revel in cishet narcissism and self-pity.

How conservatives deal with the Mozilla truth.

“Well, let me just put a stop to this shit right now. You can give me gold-plated day care and an awesome public school right on the street corner and start paying me 15% more at work, and I still do not want a baby. I don’t particularly like babies. They are loud and smelly and, above all other things, demanding. No matter how much free day care you throw at women, babies are still time-sucking monsters with their constant neediness. No matter how flexible you make my work schedule, my entire life would be overturned by a baby. I like my life how it is, with my ability to do what I want when I want without having to arrange for a babysitter. I like being able to watch True Detective right now and not wait until baby is in bed. I like sex in any room of the house I please. I don’t want a baby. I’ve heard your pro-baby arguments. Glad those work for you, but they are unconvincing to me. Nothing will make me want a baby.

And don’t float “adoption” as an answer. Adoption? Fuck you, seriously. I am not turning my body over for nine months of gaining weight and puking and being tired and suffering and not being able to sleep on my side and going to the hospital for a bout of misery and pain so that some couple I don’t know and probably don’t even like can have a baby. I don’t owe that couple a free couch to sleep on while they come to my city to check out the local orphans, so I sure as shit don’t own them my body. I like drinking alcohol and eating soft cheese. I like not having a giant growth protruding out of my stomach. I hate hospitals and like not having stretch marks. We don’t even force men to donate sperm—a largely pleasurable activity with no physical cost—so forcing women to donate babies is reprehensible.”

The Real Debate Isn’t About “Life” But About What We Expect Of Women | The Raw Story (via brutereason)

"So, reading those three paragraphs above? I bet at some point you recoiled a bit, even if you don’t want to have recoiled a bit.  Don’t I sound selfishHedonistic? Isn’t there something very unfeminine about my bluntness here? Hell, I’m performing against gender norms so hard that even I recoil a little.

This is actually what I think, and I feel zero guilt about it, but I know that saying so out loud will cause people to want to hit me with the Bad Woman ruler, and that causes a little dread. Why do we feel this way?

What kind of training and socialization did we receive that made us think there’s something terribly wrong about a woman who is hurting no one and is actually pretty nice but wants what she wants in her private life and doesn’t apologize about it? Is there a reason that we should bully women into pretending that they’re more interested in being selfless and eternally nurturing than they actually are, even at great cost to themselves?”

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Thanks leftists!

Gotta love how using pictures out of context is all you have left.


Thanks leftists!

Gotta love how using pictures out of context is all you have left.

“Saletan, whose piece is about how the campaign that culminated in the resignation of Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich is just like employers firing gay employees, writes, in the second to last paragraph of his piece: “Losing your job for being gay is different from losing your job for opposing gay marriage. Unlike homosexuality, opposition to same-sex marriage is a choice, and it directly limits the rights of other people. But the rationales for getting rid of Eich bear a disturbing resemblance to the rationales for getting rid of gay managers and employees.”

Being gay and being homophobic are nothing alike, but he hears “a disturbing resemblance” in the rationales for getting rid of gay employees and getting rid of homophobic CEOs, so that’s good enough for casually eliding not one but two false equivalencies: Gay/homophobic and employee/employer.

These pieces were published in New York Magazine (Chait), The Atlantic (Lovett), Mother Jones (Drum), and Slate (Saletan). This liberal concern trolling filled with false equivalencies and perfunctory nods to legitimate criticism only to discredit its validity is what passes for serious intellectual discourse in major publications, as long as it’s white dudes who are sniffing sagely at how out of control all the social justice is getting around here.”
Shakesville: False Equivalencies and Liberal Concern Trolling (via brutereason)

(via brutereason)